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Technology sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1

minus Technology sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1
Peluang bisnis terbaik di indonesia yaitu oriflame dengan support dbc network
Peluang bisnis online terbaik di indonesia join bisnis oriflame sekarang juga dengan dukungan support dbc network – baca reportnya selengkapnya klik disini
Motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha has just Z1 All New Yamaha sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1 this morning. What are the different versions of this engine with a carburetor?

Is the slogan “More weather more to lose” Zeus Z1 mixing dong new machine, the performance increase of 20 percent since the adoption YZ Motorsport Technology crankshaft, low friction technology and makes forged pistons.

YZ technology drive shaft improves acceleration and torque, already used in Yamaha YZ450F motocross. All New Yamaha sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1 always started perfectly with the low-friction technology. Frictional drag resistance force Minimize more pistons forged with excellent durability and lightweight as to be able to power and speed for the bike easier to channeling.

All new machines are also new technology Jupiter Fuel Injection Z1, high performance support for acceleration of response to offer.

While striping bicycle themed metal golden dragon heart (dragon gold scratch off). This metal golden dragon dragon robot is like turning on the advanced technology and futuristic FI.

motor Yamaha has the essential elements of metal, reinforcing the impression of modern progressive. Unique graphics All New sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1 notification to the side and the leg shield. Design all new body shield Jupiter Z1 attractive with messages of fuel injection on the right and left leg. Then on the front is a trademark of Jupiter Z1.

To change the appearance of all new Zeus Z1, with the white hero bicycle with three different colors, white with red and black combined labor. The red color on the center line of the spine applied, this is the first time. The red color on the parts of the motorcycle in Indonesia Red illustrates the complexity of the FI. Yamaha used this for the All New Jupiter Z1, the first bike with a fuel injected engine.

The color scheme of white, red and black for all new sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1 CW (Cast wheel). Varian flying in four different colors, black, blue color scheme, black with black, green, black and red. For four-color was his backbone center section is black.

Feature-rich and stylish, with a red pinstripe on all new Zeus Z1 CW red, black and white. Green during the All New sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1 CW toned blue and white pinstripe. All new Yamaha Jupiter Z1 races (circle Jari-finger) black color scheme of black and red color scheme of black.

How does the real specification of this bike? Let ‘

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motor matic injeksi irit harga murah

RTEmagicC 20120625  Doni Tata R6 1.jpg motor matic injeksi irit harga murah

motor matic yamaha mio j murah

JEMBER-Doni Tata enliven the fourth series of motor matic injeksi irit harga murah Yamaha Cup Race (YCR) in Jember, Saturday (June 23) promo indonesia. YCR-born rider was enthusiastic response from Yamaha held a race night creativity.

In Jember, Doni safety riding to share knowledge with high school students in a coaching clinic Jember. Also beratraksi around the two lap race with a R6 before the night begins.

Doni himself liked night racing. “The race is unique and different nights. Great challenge for the current motor matic injeksi irit harga murah YCR rider how to conquer the circuit in the evening and tested the skills in different conditions. They feel lucky to be racing tonight as overseas, “said Doni.

The original rider Yogya itself has often participated in international competitions night race. The first time participated in the event of the world even 250 cc GP in 2008 in Qatar. Brilliant achievement was winning the Losail newest Asian Road Racing Series (LARRS) tjm KYT Indoprom team. Held the last two series LARRS night.

“When the race extra takes more concentration, physical stamina and influence because of the night used to sleep but this is the night race. Adjusted so in the afternoon to rest so that the night condition. Quite heavy for its physical nights count double,” so the diligent exercise tips Doni boost the bike 3 to 4 hours to get the endurance (endurance) prime. He added, use a clear visor and anti fog or medium so as not to impair vision and can concentrate.

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